Pencils are made with erasers because we learn to live with committing mistakes as we write, as we draw, and as we depict our future.

As the cliche goes, “nobody is perfect”, which is attested to by technically everyone. But through these mistakes and through every frustrating failure and defeat, do we learn, develop and improve.

There’s this one quote I heard on the radio which goes something like, “There’s no such as losing. It’s either you win, or you learn.” This, by far, has given me the most impact because one, it is true. And two, I heard this during a point when I felt I was at the lowest. From then on, I always think of these words everytime I feel unsuccessful over things.

Come to think of it, these are just words. Words can’t buy us our dream house, nor a fancy car. But words can change someone’s perception about life.

Thanks to you, Chico Garcia of Monster Radio 93.1, for introducing me to this quote. This has changed my life and the lives of those whom I’ve given some friendly advices to.

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